Frequently Asked Questions​


The platform aims to revolutionize how individuals learn, grow, and work by creating a global community that values and rewards every contribution, driving innovation and progress for humanity.

Udao differs from other learning platforms by being decentralized, providing a transparent and fair environment, and enabling individuals to earn rewards for their contributions.

Udao shifts power and profit to the education community and offers fair revenue sharing to content creators without a profit-driven intermediary, thus creating a free marketplace for the whole community. The platform enables learners to create their personal development plan based on skill assessments and identified skill gaps. Organization and people are matched to bring the right skills to the right place.

Udao ensures the quality of its courses by providing a rating system, peer reviews and by having validators who review course content.

Udao ensures the security and privacy of user data by implementing security measures, such as encryption and two-factor authentication, and by providing users control over their data.

Course owners retain ownership of their courses on Udao. Additionally, they receive an NFT once their course is created. The publisher of this course is the rightful owner.

Course owners receive the lion’s share of the revenue. The payouts to the course owner are in FIAT and UDAO Token.

Udao does not charge you any fees for creating and publishing a course.

Community members can be divided into the following roles: Learners, Instructors, and Talent Scouts. There are further governance-related roles: Validators, Jurors, and Voters. A Member can hold more than one role.

No, Udao is a decentralized autonomous organization. The only legal entity that will exist is the Udao Foundation.

Hosting, supporting, and further developing the Udao platform. It grants trust, stability, and continuity to the Udao platform.

The Udao foundation is a non-profit organization that ensures that the community gets the profit.

UDAO Token

Users can join Udao and pay in FIAT, but Udao also supports digital cryptocurrency wallets.

Udao complies with regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and financial transactions by implementing appropriate measures and working with legal and financial experts.

The UDAO token is a digital tradable asset.

Before the ICO, only selected accounts can participate in the private round. After the ICO, anyone can buy UDAO Tokens through crypto exchanges.

By holding UDAO, you are a member of the community-owned learning platform Udao. You can participate in governance by staking (deposit) UDAO tokens to vote, validate and/or act as a juror. Moreover, you get access to additional features of the Udao platform.

The UDAO tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

Three months after the ICO, the UDAO tokens are vested (released) linearly over 30 months.

You need an account with a crypto exchange where you can sell your UDAO tokens for FIAT money.