Udao Open Beta Platform

Welcome to the Open Beta Version of the Udao platform! Here are some key details to get you started.

Here are some key informations

🚀 What You Can Expect: This is the Open Beta version of the Udao platform, packed with features for course creation and consumption. As we evolve, your insights play a pivotal role in refining and expanding our platform. Begin your journey on the Udao platform via https://beta.udao.org/. For an unparalleled experience, we recommend using a PC/laptop.

🤖Udao AI-Tutor: Introducing our innovative AI-driven learning assistant, the Udao AI-Tutor! It’s designed to offer personalized learning experiences. Do note, during this beta phase, the Udao AI-Tutor is capped at 10 requests per user.

🎓Roles: The platform provides two distinct roles – The Learner and the Instructor. Seamlessly transition between these roles, depending on if you’re creating a course (as an Instructor) or taking one (as a Learner).

📚Course Availability: In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a selection of courses for you to explore. Keep in mind that the uploaded courses will not be transfered to the future planned Release Version.

💳 Payments: Important to note, all payments during this Open Beta phase are conducted exclusively on the Stripe Testnet. This means no real transactions or funds are involved.

💬Feedback: Your voice is integral to our growth! Share your invaluable feedback about the Udao platform using our dedicated Discord Channel “Udao Platform Support” via https://discord.gg/ts5ceAmDBb

Thank you for joining us during this exciting phase. Enjoy your deep dive into the Udao platform!

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