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In a +1 trillion $ market, UDAO is at the core of the growing Skills Economy, aiming to change education and unlock huge potential with the UDAO token. Join the rising star from the Swiss Crypto Valley and bring education into the Web3 world!

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Emerging Need for a Global Skills Platform

1 Billion people need to reskill by 2030

We grapple with the continuous challenge of aligning the demand and supply of skills in today's dynamic labor market.

50% Skills expire in the next 3-5 years

We are persistently striving to match the speed of relentless technological and artificial intelligence progressions.

87% Employers don't find the right skills

We face an unique quandary where fresh job profiles surface at a speed quicker than the conventional ones can be decommissioned and newer roles sanctioned.

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The Udao platform is designed to prioritize practical skills and real-world knowledge. It will act as a global hub for learners and organizations. Powered by cutting-edge AI, Udao matches users’ skills with the demands of organizations, effectively closing the skill gap.

Up- and Reskill

to keep pace with evolving market demands

Vibrant Marketplace

Connect in an ecosystem of learners, instructors, and organizations

Redefine Success

No degrees, just practical skills that truly matters

Efficient Learning

AI-driven, personalized education for your growth


  • Business Model for the benefit of the community
  • Sustainable Tokenomics defined
  • Partnership with global Coaching Experts
  • MVP for Skill Assessments
  • Anchor Investors
  • Fulfill the highest swiss Compliance standards
  • Experienced Advisory Board
  • Private Sale with Group of Investors
Start up
  • Community Building +20k
  • Whitepaper
  • Platform Testing with early access
  • Public Pre Sale launch
  • Audited Smart Contracts
  • Token Launch & IO
  • Token Listings on DEX
  • Exchange Listings on CEX
  • Udao Platform - Official Launch for the Public
Global Empowerment
  • Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • DAO
  • Global Skill Initiatives to benefit the society
  • Onboarding of Organizations
  • Udao Foundation


A digital asset and key that enriches user experience, encourages active participation, and fosters a democratic decision-making approach

Contribute to Earn (C2E)
Governance Rights
Payment Flexibility
Advanced Features
Platform Ownership


The UDAO token distribution is designed to foster a sustainable and thriving community. The Udao ecosystem has a fixed supply of 200,000,000 UDAO tokens. 



Udao’s mission is to revolutionize the skill-based economy by offering a decentralized Web 3.0 platform, empowering individuals to take control of their skills development, foster collaboration, and promote transparency. We aspire to build a community that recognizes and rewards each contribution, fostering innovation and progress for all humanity.


We envision a global community that empowers everyone to acquire, improve, and share their skills directly with others in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way.

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Udao is initiated by anywAI AG and lead by its 5 founders with an operating team of 15 Software Developers, 3 Marketing and Sales Specialists, 2 Finance & Legal Experts and 2 Social Media Managers. In addition Udao is supported by its advisors with diverse backgrounds and its partners with large market reach.

Advisory Board


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What is Udao?

Udao is the premier AI-based Skills Platform on Web3, powered by the UDAO Token being an ERC-20 Token built on the Polygon Blockchain which facilitates seamless interactions within the Udao Ecosystem.

What is the Goal of Udao?

The Goal of Udao is to revolutionize education and unlock significant potential by matching individuals’ skills with organizational needs in +1 trillion USD Market. Udao aims to shift the education and employment market into Web3, fostering a decentralized and interoperable ecosystem.

Why launch Udao on Polygon?

Polygon has high scalability, low fees, and eco-friendliness compared to other blockchain networks.

When will UDAO Token launch?

According the Udao Roadmap the UDAO Token is set to launch in Q4 2023.

Where can I claim my presale Tokens?

After the ICO you can claim these tokens through the Udao’s official website.

How to buy with Crypto?
  1. Connect your preferred wallet using our secure widget to reserve UDAO tokens.
  2. Select your desired cryptocurrency for payment. Ensure you have adequate funds, including potential transaction fees.
  3. Once the presale concludes, your wallet address will be recorded in our Smart Contract system. When the ICO starts, you can claim your reserved UDAO tokens directly.
How to buy with Credit Card?
  1. Decide on the quantity you wish to secure and reserve your UDAO tokens.
  2. Complete the transaction safely and swiftly using our Stripe Payment gateway.
  3. After the presale, we'll provide you with a digital wallet and instructions. Upon the ICO's initiation, use this wallet to claim your UDAO tokens.


Let's meet!

Our office is located in beautiful Zug, Switzerland.

anywAI AG

Hinterbergstrasse 20
6312, Steinhausen ZG

Email: [email protected]

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