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Whether you’re new to UDAO or looking for more information, our FAQ section is here to help. Find answers to common questions about our platform, technology, and how you can be a part of this educational revolution.

UDAO is a blockchain-powered educational platform that offers personalized learning experiences, incentivized through a unique token system. It’s designed to make learning more accessible, engaging, and rewarding for everyone.

Blockchain technology in UDAO is used for securing educational records, providing transparency in transactions, and enabling a decentralized, trust-based learning environment.

UDAO Tokens are digital assets used within our platform. They serve as rewards for learning achievements and can be used to access premium content or services. They’re a key part of our mission to make learning more rewarding.

Yes, UDAO Tokens can be purchased on our platform. They are an investment in your educational journey and the broader UDAO community.

Getting started is easy! Just sign up on our platform, explore the courses, and choose what aligns with your interests or career goals. Our AI-driven system will guide you through a personalized learning path.

Absolutely! UDAO is designed for global access, breaking down geographical barriers to quality education.

We prioritize your data’s security. Utilizing blockchain technology, we ensure that your data is stored securely and your educational credentials are tamper-proof.

We’re constantly innovating and adding new features. Expect more courses, enhanced AI personalization, and expanded token utility in the near future.


Udao Roadmap

Q3 2022

The Inception and Planning

Our journey began in the third quarter of 2022, a period marked by intensive planning and foundational work. During this phase, we focused on developing a robust business model tailored to benefit our community. We defined sustainable tokenomics, ensuring a balanced and forward-looking approach to our digital currency. A significant milestone was forming a partnership with a global coaching expert, which laid the groundwork for our skill assessment MVP. Additionally, we secured our anchor investors, setting the stage for Udao's financial and strategic groundwork.

Q1 2023

Laying the Foundation

As we moved into the first quarter of 2023, our efforts pivoted towards establishing a solid foundation for Udao. A key achievement was fulfilling the highest Swiss compliance standards, a testament to our commitment to operational excellence and integrity. We also formed an experienced advisory board, bringing together seasoned professionals to guide Udao's strategic direction. This phase was further bolstered by a private sale to a select group of investors, marking a significant step in our financial journey.

Q3 2023

The Startup Phase

The third quarter of 2023 was a pivotal time for Udao, as we entered our startup phase. This period was characterized by vigorous community-building efforts, essential for creating a vibrant and engaged user base. We released our whitepaper during this time, offering the public a comprehensive understanding of Udao's vision and mechanics. A critical part of this phase was platform testing with early access users, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience. The quarter culminated with the launch of our public pre-sale, inviting broader participation in our project.

Q4 2023

Anticipation for the Official Launch

As we approached the end of 2023, anticipation for Udao's official launch grew. This period saw us finalizing preparations for the launch, with a focus on ensuring the highest standards of platform functionality and user experience. We continued to engage with our growing community, gathering valuable feedback and insights to refine our platform and offerings.

Q1 2024

Official Launch and Global Empowerment

The first quarter of 2024 is set to mark a significant milestone in our journey - the official launch of the Udao platform. This event will symbolize the culmination of our efforts and the beginning of a new chapter in online education. With the platform poised to become fully operational, our focus will shift towards global empowerment. We aim for Tier 1 centralized exchange listings to expand our reach and accessibility. Our commitment to continuous development and expansion will remain steadfast, as we strive to enhance Udao and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our users and the dynamic landscape of online education.


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